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Hello! Welcome to the BusinessKids Blog, here we will share part of the activities that we carry out in our company such as images, articles, tips and much more. Let's go together to start playing!

BusinessKids was born from the company Comercio Internacional Mexicano and is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship in children in a fun way through courses. As a complement to the courses, BusinessKids magazine appeared in July 2013 to provide knowledge to many more children around the country. Each month the magazine has a subject related to the business world and you can find it in Sanborns and Gandhi bookstores.

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If you are the father of an enterprising child, these tips will be very useful for you to help and promote it.

Remember that BusinessKids is present in 7 countries: Mexico, United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Spain, take it to your nearest center so that together they develop those entrepreneurial skills.

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