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Takes your child to the world of business through play

We have regular courses, summer courses and weekend workshops to take your child to the business world through play.

About Us

BusinessKids is the FUN way for kids to learn business and become entrepreneurs through our hands-on activities and games!

By creating, children believe in themselves and strengthen their self-esteem empowering them to start wonderful new projects including their development of their first business idea or the improvement of their already set business.
What is BusinessKids?
  • To encourage and build entrepreneurial skills in children in a playful and creative environment, which promotes entrepreneurship, teamwork, self-esteem, love for work, proactive behavior, community service, environmental protection, saving and money awareness.

    In BusinessKids we teach children that good businesses are more than just a source of wealth, thus creating in them a real social conscience. BusinessKids teaches kids to be entrepreneurs with a sound set of values.
  • Teach children how to put dreams and ideas into action, by showing them multiple and effective ways to start a business.

    Coach children the first steps to run a basic, within reach business so they grow up to be confident and knowledgeable entrepreneurs, who trust their ability to achieve any goal.
  • Promote healthy self-confidence and the ability to reach goals at an early age, so they can be safe entrepreneurs in the future.
  • Courses divided into 22 subjects that bring kids into the business world through play and creativity.
In all of our programs children learn to start through the game.
* Business development for children
* Defining my vocation
* Administration
* Creativity
* Design
* Computing
* Teamwork
* Learning to sell
* Learning to buy
* Marketing and publicity
* Producing my ideas
* Human resources: How to interact with others
* Development of emotional intelligence
* Finance and care of money: How to invest my Sunday?
* Leadership and self-esteem
* Communication
* Public relations
* Global thinking
* The value of serving
* Coaching
* Ethics and values
* Ecology and environment care

Our Story

BusinessKids is an offspring of Comercio Internacional Mexicano S.A. de C.V., a Company specialized in executive training. After several years of working with entrepreneurs, we realized that most of the students enrolled in the entrepreneurship programs and seminars had something in common: fear of undertaking their projects. We analyzed that a 90% of adults not coming from entrepreneur families does not consider starting a company, or has fear of possible obstacles or outcomes. In some cases, these adults decide to try and carry out their projects, but they abandon them as soon as they face difficulties, perhaps when they see their money running down the drain or when the market is not answering as they expected. On the other hand, when a child grows up in an entrepreneurial environment –families where the father, mother, both or other family member are entrepreneurs- , he learns that risk, challenge and ups and downs are part of any business, so he will not be afraid when he starts a business as an adult, and he usually follows through a long-term project.

BusinessKids was born to teach children the necessary tools to become entrepreneurs, such as self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and sales, creativity, financial education and customer service, among many others. Teaching children to undertake their own projects is to plant a seed in them that will eventually bloom into a committed sense of challenge, social conscience and fruitful entrepreneurship.

The idea of being an entrepreneur with a sound set of values is one of the first steps to change the world for the better.

Most businesses do not survive the first two years; entrepreneurs abandon their dream even earlier just to return to a comfort zone, namely being someone else’s employee. The lack of entrepreneurial training leads them to disappointment when they realize their expectations are not met in the short term. It is possible to learn to be a successful entrepreneur, and to understand the mechanisms that lead to effectively undertaking any project and seeing it through, drawing on innate creativity in order to overcome obstacles that will surely arise in the business consolidation process.

Entrepreneurial education makes a difference.

Childhood is the most creative stage of human beings: all our great dreams and ideas emerge when we are little. If we encourage kids to make their dreams come true, giving them the adequate tools to do so, we will have confident individuals who will have the necessary knowledge and social conscience to be the new kind of entrepreneurs this world needs.

BusinessKids educates those future leaders and entrepreneurs that will be the driving force of change!


The age ranges of the courses for entrepreneurial children are:

Group A:  From 4 to 6 years.
Group B:  From 7 to 10 years.
Group C:  From 11 to 14 years old.

Each child will develop a business project in which they will work through the game.


Courses at the BusinessKids branch
Monday to Friday
8 am - 6 pm
9 am - 2 pm

"Excellent, my children are happy, they learn to be mini entrepreneurs with a base based on values, they have grown a lot their vision, their way of seeing life, their commitment to society, the best experiences that children can have for strengthen your future. "
Gabriela Servin
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